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  • The St. Anselm's Advantage

  • The St. Anselm's Advantage

The St. Anselm's Advantage


St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School is preparing students for life in the millennium, and in doing so is constantly building meaningful relationships with students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders. This has led to rethinking of our curriculum frameworks, developing maps for vertical articulation and balancing formative and summative assessments. There is focus on addressing global perspectives and identifying salient interdisciplinary linkages for real-world applications. Through all this, the child is the focus of every endeavor. All innovations or new programmes are taken, keeping in mind that the student has evolved, and hence the school has also evolved with time.


Critical questions like which habits of the mind, competencies and attitudes will help students in the 21st Century are constantly addressed. Innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, self-management, collaboration and research skills are built through various learning tools. Our teachers perceive themselves as ‘lifelong learners’ and our deliberations are often about ‘What content should be kept? What content should be cut? What content should be created?’


St. Anselm's cultivates a culture that nurtures creativity in all our learners. For a student, the St. Anselm's journey begins in Lower Prep (Kindergarten) with about 30 other peers and continues right through Grade XII. In the time spent at school, St. Anselm's students take on the challenges of academic learning, the joy of sports and extra-curricular activities, the responsibilities of leadership, and most importantly, the close bonds they forge with their classmates. The small cohort, not only make learning an effective, personalized process, but the strength and unity of the group is also determined by this collaborative group. St. Anselm's students learn about desirable behavior not because they are forced to follow a set rules, but as a gradual understanding of self-discipline as a necessity for their collective good. The easy familiarity between teachers and students runs hand in hand with a deep, abiding respect that ensures a close-knit school community. It is also the reason St. Anselm's students return to their alma mater time and again, to give back in more ways than one, and continue their relationship beyond the time they spend at school.


As a parent, when you choose St. Anselm's, you are more than a parent who drops the child to the gate, and then picks them up once school is over. You are a stakeholder, and contribute to the larger school community and participate in innumerable activities.

The school has thrived on what every parent brings to the institution and this has enriched and added value to the teaching and learning process. From volunteering with their time and creativity, to offering possible field trip venues, to hands-on involvement in intensely administrative spheres – St. Anselm's parents have defined the extent to which they want to be part of the journey that their children undertake. The school sees parents as a wonderful resource who contribute to the ethos and culture of the school. Over time, the school has seen the commitment of parents in helping out with class assemblies, Founders’ Day, the school fete, school canteens, and even being part of composing the school song.


Fourteen years after students join the school, their journey goes beyond St. Anselm's as alumni carry a little of the school with them, through life. A St. Anselm's alumni is likely to say “St. Anselm's is home for me, for the rest of my life!” Educators at St. Anselm's nurture learners so that they have the confidence to take on the challenges of the world of work. Students are encouraged to question fearlessly, hold their own in discussions and debates and respectfully acknowledge views that could be different from their own. This has sustained over time, and batch after batch proves that St. Anselm's brings forth qualities that are uniquely associated with this 50 year old institution.

The school has gained from all that the alumni actively do for the school, and they are in and out of school, organizing and streamlining various events, raising funds and connecting with all those who add value to St. Anselm's.