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  • Food Without Fire

  • Food Without Fire

Food Without Fire


Innovative food preparations win hearts of parents and students.

Cooking can happen even without fire! Students ofSt. Anselm’s Sr. Sec. School, Abu Roadexhibited their culinary skills in ‘Food without Fire’ in the school campus. This eventprovided a platform for the studentsto foster their creativity, presentation skills and also helped students to discover their new areas of interest in food technology.Mothers of participants have expressed their support for this initiative by attending and encouraging their wards. This event not only showcased the talents of the students but also promoted strong bonding between a motherand child. According to Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Mundatt “It was a great way to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame.”

The young chefs displayed their talent by presenting numerous innovative dishes. Overall, 16 teams participated in the competition in which 8 teams were from junior section and 8 teams were from senior section respectively.Expert chefs from Sun Hotel judged the preparations of commis chefs. Every team gave a tough competition for others.The dishes prepared were presented in an artistic way which was most appealing, and the display were a visual treat for the eyes and tickling to the taste buds.